About us

What We Do

We help ACT kids from low-income families play organised sports by paying junior sport registration costs


our story

Every Chance To Play was founded in 2017 by a diverse group of Canberrans who were:
- Concerned about the problem of Canberra kids missing out on sport because of high registration costs.
- Convinced that the Canberra community could solve the problem!

We founded a charity with the objective of paying 100 sports registrations, across 8 sports, in the winter season of 2018.
Our board and network of volunteers includes teachers, lawyers, accountants, sports leaders, broadcasters, community workers, business leaders and full-time parents.

No one is paid. Every dollar raised goes towards getting another kid on the park. 


Our mission

Every Chance to Play strives to to make junior sport accessible to all in the ACT by providing an economic solution to junior sport participation.


Provide assistance through sponsorship to help with the rising costs of junior sport registrations in the ACT for families in need.


our objectives

1. Provide a transparent, not for profit charity to help families in need with the rising cost of junior sport registrations in the ACT.

2. Address the needs of the local community sport associations in regards to the rising cost of junior sport.

3. Enable an inclusive model that promotes junior sport for all in the ACT.


our objectives for 2018

Raise funds through corporate and individual sponsorships to register 100 junior sport participants in the ACT, from families in need.


How Can We Achieve This?

In partnership with the junior sports community as “ early sports participation matters because the advantages that come with it can serve as an inoculation against some of life’s unhappier outcomes.” Linda Flanagan The Atlantic September 28th, 2017


is there a need?

There is an identified need in the ACT as its proven that almost half of Australia’s disadvantaged kids do not play any sport.
Sports and community stakeholders agree that there is a problem with the accessibility of junior sport here in the ACT.

Currently there are numerous young people in the ACT who miss out on the positive outcomes of sport including…

  • Development of discipline, teamwork, and resilience
  • Building friendships and social skills
  • Improvement of mental and physical health
  • Longer life expectancies
  • Better performance at school
  • Higher self esteem
  • Less chance of obesity