Sports registration costs vary. How did you arrive at $250?
The figure of $250 is an estimated average across our 8 member sports and their clubs and across different age groups.

I know a child that would love to play sport. Their family cannot afford registration. How do I apply?
Send an email with the child’s story to applications@ectp.org.au

Which sports registrations do you subsidise?
Our participating member sports are AFL, basketball, football, cricket, hockey, netball, rugby and rugby league.

Why are there only 8 sports available?
We have partnered with the 8 most played sports in Canberra to be able to quickly and simply register kids for 2018. We look forward to more sports joining as members. Our dream is to be able to register a child to play a variety of sports.

Why do you only sponsor ACT kids?
Families that have a child at school in NSW can claim the Active Kids voucher 

There is no government assistance in the ACT.

No government assistance! How can I get them to address this issue?
Every Chance To Play is a Canberra community response to the problem.
If you agree that kids' sport should be more accessible then lobby your local member to:
- Set up a sports registration rebate as they have in WA, NT and NSW.
- Lower the cost of ground hire, the major contributor to registration costs.

How do you assess whether a family is in need?
Our panel assesses each application according to our guidelines. Anonymity and dignity are key values.